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Revizija projekata finansiranih od strane Evropske komisije

  • „Youth Peace Advocates“, Donator: European Commission
  • „Youth Peace Advocates in Eastern B&H“, Donator EC – European Commission
  • “Empowerment of Women Vulnerable to Violence in the Western Balkans”, Donator: Austria Development Agency
  • “Livelihoods recovery Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia”, Donator under the Program “Flood Response in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia”, Donator: Nachbar in Not.
  • “Social Inclusion through Women Economic Empowerment in Montenegro (JAKA)” Donator: Austrian Development Agency, CARE International in the Balkans (CARE BiH) and CARE Österreich (ref. 8108-03/2015)
  • “Young Man Initiative – Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Gender Equitable Attitudes among Young Man and Women”, Donator: Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina supported project.
  • „DIALOGUES“ , Donator European Commission
  • „DIALOGUES II“, Donator European Commission
  • “Local Communities in the Function of Social Inclusion; Labour Activation and Employment”, Donator European Commission
  • „Restore Juvenile Justice in B&H – Repairing the harm of Youth Crime“, Donator: European Commission
  • „The Development of Rural Tourism in the border area of Knin and Bosansko Grahovo“, Donator: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Department for Financing EU Assistance Programmes and Finance and Contracting Unit - CFCU
  • „Provision of Social services for elderly people in the municipalities of Majur and Donji Kukuruzari trough provision of Home care“, Donator: EC
  • „Provision of support to IDPs, Refugees and vulnerable domicile population in Serbia trought creation of durable housing solutions and economic sustainability measures“, Donator: EC „Support to return to Kotor Varoš municipality“, Donator: EC
  • Provision to support to IDP´s, refugees and vulnerable domicile population in Serbia, trough creation of durable housing solutions and economic sustaniability measure“, Donator: EC
  • Support to IDPs and refugees in Serbia trough provision of durable solutions and economic sustainability measure, Donator EC
  • Provision to support to sustainable return of IDPs and refugees, Donator: EC
  • „Supporting the closure of Collective centers in Serbia trough the providion of durable housing solutions for IDPs, refugees and returnees“, Donator: European Commission
  • „Sustainable waste management in border region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro“, Donator: European Commission
  • „Improving the provision of Social Services Delivery in SEE trough the empowerment of national and regional CSO networks“, Donator: European Commision
  • „EMILIA“, Donator: EC
  • „SEEWIND project“, Donator: EC
  • „Establishment of Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship in Hercegovina“, Donator: EC
  • Projekt: „SRRP / 06 / E – iii /313“, Donator: EC
  • „ESSEDRA“, Donator: European Union
  • “Toward a good status of Drina river water: Civil society organisations’ actions to promote private-public partnership for a better river management”, Donator: European CommissionOXFAM Sarajevo
  • “ORNIBA – Bird Species Protection in Balkans: Joint Intervention by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro”, Donator: European Commission
  • “Goražde business improvement zone”, Donator: EU